don't trip on your shoe lace / don't tell me I'm not stupid

by loner spring

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released November 4, 2015



all rights reserved


loner spring Harrison, New York



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Track Name: disconnect
recall the full frame,
how the body knows truth,
partially rooted,
how the mind contradicts what the hands do.
feel the disconnect.

by what was, what could be.
it's only in your head, that's what's left of it.

recall the full frame,
Dreams see birds pierce the sky,
whisper a name,
feet hit the ground, "don't trip on your shoe lace."
Please forget the rest.
Track Name: on the wall
why does everything have to be so convoluted and rough?
trying hard to be wonderful, feel loved, stop, lift your head up.

trains push ahead, quivering in their skeletons, saying, "think i can."
you don't want to get out of bed, but yes you can.

the sun sinks into the hudson to reveal orange street lights.
born amongst the stars, in due time, we'll embody all we should.

every place is the most magnificent when it's where you are.

thinking you're what they call the one, still thinking i'm not that wrong.
months go by, lost again, it all ends with admitting those days are gone.

but i'm not a painting on the wall, not a poem or a song, a verse you write in angst when you think that it means everything.

that it means everything and then you forget about it,
look at us in the future, look back at memories and laugh, like, "oh that was such a great time."
Track Name: sleepyhead
i went to bed a sleepyhead,
all alone i was instead.
i dreamt that you were in my bed with me.

i feel bare, i feel barely there.

in my bed, feeling dead.
in my head that's what i said.
you don't know, you don't care much anymore.

i woke up a sleepyhead,
all alone i was instead,
i dreamt that you were in my bed and you said,

"hello, good morning."
"hello, yellow bird."
"hello, yellow morning."
"hello, good morning."
Track Name: macaroni & cheese
I want to make you mac $ cheese, I want to tell you stories.
I want to make you happy, it used to be so easy.
I want to visit your house and bike through your town.
I want you to go there and say you'll meet me.

And even if you hate me
Even if you hate me,
if I start bothering you, which bothers me.

I want to make you mac $ cheese, I want to walk the city
I want to make us smoothies and watch a movie.
I want to go to the mall and buy soft pretzels.
I want to take a stand, I want you to hold my hand.

if you don't want to see me,
if you don't want to see me,
if you make me give back your car key,

I'd still want to make you mac $ cheese, hug and kiss like in the movies
I want to be the one you'll go to when you're feeling harmed.
I want to be the one you'll think of in the morning.
I want to be the one, I want to be the one.

I want to make you mac $ cheese, I want to tell you stories
because I care and I know there's still a piece of me in there.

don't throw it all away

I can see you Smile at me while eating mac & cheese.
Track Name: tart
cause I've learned to depend on
the love i thought i felt
the love i thought was there, but its not

make me happy are not

they feel alone, I've felt so fucking alone

don't tell me I'm not stupid
cause i'm really stupid,
won't let my mind expand
so i could get something better out of it

make something with me, like a drawing or painting
or sing along with me, the song that we made up
is it so hard?
is it so hard when we all want the same thing?