by loner spring

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dem ohs and stuff by aim

album art by erica vitucci


released August 26, 2016



all rights reserved


loner spring Harrison, New York



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Track Name: sweetart
waiting, hesitating
wishing for something true

sweet boys, cute boys
nice eyes, kind voice

don’t mean anything if they don’t talk to you
ill gaze in my eyes before they get to

i can worry like i know you
i can flurry like I’ve been with you

i don't know - what you want from me
maybe by the morning ill forget that i felt anything

i know my own mistakes
own up at my pace

it didn’t mean anything
doesn’t mean anything
to this day - i don’t think of you now don’t you go thinking of me
Track Name: nice 'n clean
nice 'n clean, we're starting nice 'n clean
are you swimming in the sea?
thinking of me?
finding remnants of you, i feel you staring at me.
take your pictures to show your friends,
hide in your pillow with a book and pen
september masks our summer blues,
will it be enough to push me through?
you wanted a scene,
no one asked to be a queen
i wanted you to tell me that you think of me
following you as you focused ahead
ride in the wind next to a riverbed
the rains of spring help us bloom
will tears be enough to mend a hearts tune?
Track Name: rabbits
are we afraid of each other
i turn my head, some days i smile
some nights i feel brave or just foolish
are we afraid of the other
may our walls turn transparent
save us from what plagues us without telling a word
let the rabbits die, let the birds die
let them fly, but not without love
death is a conqueror
not blind to any creature
death is not afraid, death is unafraid
it would confess even the sweet thoughts
Track Name: dew u like me
hand in hand through the dewy grass
barefoot just holding one shoe

now that the moments past
I'll admit that you made lungs gasp

when you offered me a drag
the taste lingered on your lips
the taste lingered on our lips
when we kissed
Track Name: spooked (acoustic)
how come all these nights can only go so far
lists of phrases i wish i'd said before you'd gone
what's a mind lost in a tunnel of wonder
too late to fold further, i've already gone under
spooky silence the avoidance of understanding
spooky, yet stylish, ran up a hill just to sit here waiting
how come hearts come out to play without notice
words of lust, screaming voices, colors in the dark
does a head turn between the laughter and strings
too late to sound witty, it seems we're falling asleep
ran up a hill but the clocks not ticking
Track Name: yamahaha
i was only wanting good luck
searching for that sunrise, waiting for that sunset
when i'll be awake
i was only hoping for some good luck
now i'm searching for somebody to tell me it's all a blur,
it's okay if you fuck up
cause the people that matter will stay, they will stay
it all happens for something, for some reason